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Insist! Because of love

I always believe that technology could change everything and create something beautiful. The technical revolution is coming; I won't miss it.

Enjoy every single day

I am an engineer, traveler, iPhone shutterbug.

Born and raised in Urumqi, the most remote city from any sea in the world, the center point of Asia. I got my bachelor's degree in Beijing. And to pursue my dream of being an engineer, I came to the US.

Now I live in the city near the ocean, Santa Cruz. It is crazy and exciting. Life is cool and... have fun


Computer Engineering
University of California at Santa Cruz
2016.9 - Present

Front-End Development

Communication Engineering
North China Univerity of Technology
2012.9 - 2016.7


A Daily News Aggregation Website

Fetch API
Responsive Design
Designed a website with comment, collection and user authentication based on React and Ant Design.
Applied Fetch API to interact data between server and client, applied Postman to test responses.
Implemented React Router and React Responsive to realize page forwarding and responsive design.
Github Feb 17

A Movie Collection and Management Website

Developed a movie website with user authorization, comment, import movie, search features.
Applied Pug template engine and express framework to build back-end, applied Bootstrap to front-end.
Implemented mongoose to model data of MongoDB with Schema, Model and Documents.
Github Mar 17

Data Visualization: Global Earthquake with DYFI

Google Maps API
Applied Google Maps API and accessed earthquake data from US Geological Survey.
Scraped data of geographic information with Beautifulsoup and generated GeoJson file.
Evaluated the earthquake intensity and displayed the responses and cities which possibly be impacted.
Github Feb 17

Picture Sharing Community Website: Pixel

Material Design
Developed a website based on Python web framework and followed the MVC pattern.
Designed the front-end using Bootstrap to realize the animations and fluid user experience.
Designed the back-end using Python to handle Ajax communications between client and server.
Implemented user authentication, custom profile, post, comment, content search systems.
Github Jan 17

Neighborhood Map

Google Map API
Wikipeida API
A single-page web application, built using the Knockout framework, that displays a Google Map of an area and various points of interest. Users can search all included landmarks and, when selected, additional information about a landmark is presented from the FourSquare and Wikipedia APIs.
Github Feb 17

Website Optimization

Optimized an inefficient web application's JavaScript, CSS and assets delivery, ensuring it runs at 60fps and achieves a PageSpeed score of at least 90.
Github Fev 17

Classic Arcade Game Clone

An HTML5 Canvas powered video game, developed using the best practices in Object Oriented JavaScript.
Github Jan 17

High Dynamic Range (HDR) System

Implemented the system with Python, OpenCV on Ubuntu.
Designed an HDR system including camera radiometric calibration, picture stack acquisition and image compositing.
• Achieved three algorithms to composite images from picture stack.
Oct 16

Global Real-Time Earthquake Location Display

Unfolding Map
Designed and developed the system with Java, Eclipse and PApplet.
Applied Unfolding Map library and accessed earthquake data from US Geological Survey.
Displayed the information of city or earthquake when user hovers over or clicks any marker.
Apr 16

Multifunctional Text Input Box

Data Structure
Developed the system with Java and IDEA.
Implemented GUI with auto-generate, spell check, auto-complete, spell suggest features and applied Flesh score to measure the readability of input text.
Jun 15

Face Image Recognition Preprocessing

Evaluated different methods to find the most appropriate processing procedure.
Converted a colorful image into a gray image and filtered the noise
Utilized wavelet enhancement for the image and located the borderlines of the face image via gray level projection.
Obtained a standardized face image by cutting the image and exported to the face database.
May 15

RFID-based Electronic Traceability System Design and Implementation

Developed the warehouse logistics management system based on STM32.
Realized the interaction between RF transmitting device and receiving device FM1702.
Designed the databases and achieved the intelligent management of information.
Aug 14
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